Samsung Laptop Repair

Tech Labz is your trusted Samsung laptop repair shop in the UK. Get your Samsung laptop repaired at the best price around. We cover all types of issues whether it's hardware or software. Let’s have a look at our Samsung laptop repair services.

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Tech Labz - Samsung Laptop Repair Services

Is your Samsung Laptop in need of repair? Tech Labz is one of the best and most affordable Samsung Laptop repair service providers in Bolton, UK. Our services include; data recovery, virus removal, screen replacement and repair, charging port repair and replacement, battery replacement, faulty keyboard, software and hardware-related issues, and system optimization. Our expert technicians will fix your laptop as before, Look at what we offer in Samsung repair services.

What do we offer in Samsung Laptop Repair Services in the UK?

Tech Labz offers repair services for Samsung laptops for any make and model - anywhere in the UK.

  1. Screen Replacement
  2. Keyboard Replacement
  3. Battery Replacement
  4. Hard Drive Replacement/Upgrades
  5. RAM Upgrades
  6. Motherboard Repair/Replacement
  7. Power Jack Repair
  8. Operating System Installation/Reinstallation
  9. Virus and Malware Removal
  10. Data Recovery
  11. Software Troubleshooting
  12. Driver Updates and Installation
  13. Software Installation and Configuration 

We are not limiting our services only to hardware repair and replacement. You can upgrade your laptop RAM, SSD, and more with us. 

Samsung Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair

Our skilled technicians will diagnose your Samsung laptop screen - if it's in repairable condition we will fix it. The Samsung laptop screen repair services we cover;

  • Cracked or Broken screen
  • Liquid damage Repair
  • Dead Pixel
  • Black or Blue screen
  • Lines in the screen, and more

You can get laptop screen repair services for;

  • Galaxy Book Flex
  • Galaxy Book Flex Alpha
  • Galaxy Book Ion
  • Galaxy Book S
  • Notebook 9 Pro
  • Notebook 9 Pen
  • Notebook 7
  • Notebook 7 Force

Samsung Laptop Battery Replacement

Tech Labz understands that battery health is crucial for laptop peak performance. So, if you are looking for a computer shop in the UK - to replace your Samsung laptop battery. Contact us - get a Samsung battery replacement at warranty.

Tech Labz is committed to providing the best laptop battery replacement services. Ensuring that your laptop performs at its optimal level.

You can get the Samsung laptop battery replacement for the mentioned models with us - if you think we have your laptop model, make a custom request we will arrange it for your laptop.

Samsung Laptop Keyboards Replacement and Repair

If you're experiencing issues with your Samsung laptop keyboard. Our technician will diagnose the keyboard issue and perform necessary repairs, such as replacing malfunctioning keys or the entire keyboard assembly.

If your laptop keyboard is not repairable - we offer keyboard replacement services for Samsung laptops.

Samsung Laptop Hardware and Software Fix

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving a range of hardware and software problems of Samsung laptops. Whether you are facing hardware failures, software crashes, or connectivity issues, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem promptly.

Samsung Laptop Charging Port Repair and Replacement

Is your Samsung laptop charging port not working? Get your laptop charging port repaired or replace it with Tech Labz at the best price in the UK.

How Much Does Samsung Laptop Repair Services Cost?

The cost of repairing a Samsung laptop in the UK Can depend on several factors, including the specific issue, the model of your laptop, and the severity of the problem. Anyhow you will need to pay an approximate price for Samsung laptop repair services.

  1. Samsung Repair Services Cost in the UK; £20 to £50,
  2. Samsung Laptop Screen Replacement Cost; £50 and £200,
  3. Samsung Laptop keyboard replacement Cost; £20 to £100

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