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Special Offers

Our IT Lifecycle Services

Choose us for seamless, eco-friendly IT disposal solutions that safeguard your data and contribute to a greener, technology-driven future. We are spreading our wings by serving local councils and hospitals with IT recycling in the UK.


Collection | Transportation


Data erasure | Processing


Data destruction | On & off-site


IT resale & rebate | Recycling

Expert Laptop & Computer Repair Services

TechLabz is your technology partner in providing impeccable laptop and computer repair services. Our expertise has made us deliver absolute solutions to consumers regardless of the machine they use. Let it be a desktop, a MacBook, an iPad, or a Mini PC.

Request for Tech Services

Sell Your Laptop, Computer, & Phones

Get the Best Price for Your Laptop, Computer, & Phones. Selling your expensive gadgets for a nominal price is never a wise decision. Refer to TechLabz as we repurchase your computers, laptops, smartphones, and old devices at the best prices.

Sell Mobile Phones

iPhones | Google | HTC

Sell Apple Goods

MacBook | iPhones | iMac

Sell Broken Phones

iPhones | Google | HTC

Sell My Tablet

Apple | Samsung | Microsoft

Trusted Computer Repair and IT Recycling Shop in UK

Welcome to Tech Labz, Your One-Stop Solution for Computer Repair and Recycling in the UK

The ever-increasing demand for gadgets and electronics resulted in an increasing number of obsolete devices. It has been a matter of concern for the government and corporate entities regarding how to dispose of them globally. For every challenge, there comes a solution. We, TechLabz, are bringing you the most reliable solution in the form of IT Recycling Services. To ensure IT disposals take place correctly, there must be a responsible and professional company. ... Read more

Expert Laptop and Computer Repair Services

TechLabz is powered by certified Laptop and Computer Repair experts. Our expertise enables us to provide comprehensive solutions, catering to consumers irrespective of the device they use. Whether it's a desktop, MacBook, iPad, or Mini PC, our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver impeccable repair services tailored to meet your specific needs. With TechLabs, you can trust that your technology is in capable hands. As a result, you receive the highest standard of service for a wide range of devices.

Responsible IT Recycling UK

Unlock the power of responsible IT recycling with our cutting-edge tech solutions. Safeguard your sensitive data and contribute to environmental sustainability. We perfectly manage the secure disposal of your outdated electronics. Choose us for a seamless and eco-friendly solution. Our commitment to data security aligns with your dedication to a greener and technology-driven future.

Council and NSH Focused IT Disposals

As a proud eco-friendly solution provider, we have extended our services to local councils, corporate and government bodies, and healthcare organizations. We deal in local Council IT Recycling Services that include but are not limited to councils of Bolton, Manchester, Darwin, Salford, and Wigan. We have also secured a trustworthy name in providing NHS IT Disposals.

Reach out to Us Now

TechLab is a one-stop solution for all your IT repairs, buyback, and disposal needs. We serve individuals and organizations with selfless IT recycling services to ensure their confidential records are dealt with with trust and without harming the global ecosystem. Call us now to know more about our services and get them customized to your specific needs.

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