Top 5 MacBook Accessories for UK Users

Top 5 MacBook Accessories for UK Users

Here are the top 5 MacBook Accessories for UK users to buy and experience the best performance. There are many accessories for MacBook that you can buy at affordable prices. But, using the best accessories help you to get more advantages from your MacBook laptop.

Though all the models of MacBook have the necessary specifications, if you want to improve the performance of your device, you need to buy top MacBook accessories in the UK. For example, you have 8 GB RAM in your MacBook Pro, and you want to enhance the performance, so you can easily upgrade the RAM of your MacBook to 24 GB.

Sometimes some accessories of your MacBook show malfunctions, so you can easily change them and fix the issues with the device.

Here, you can find the top MacBook accessories to buy in the UK.

MacBook Accessories

There are bulks of accessories available in the market for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These devices including a mouse, keyboard, charger, external storage, laptop fan, stands, etc. can be also used with other laptops while some of them can be only used with MacBook Air or Pro.


Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse to use with the MacBook. It has 6 buttons allowing you to perform different tasks. There is no task that you cannot perform with MacBook trackpads, but, the mouse will increase your progress. Furthermore, its weight is only 5 ounces enabling you to use it very easily. The size of the Logitech MX Mouse is 4.9 x 3.3 x 2.0 inches.

It is very popular due to its fantastic design, long battery life, and custom features for different software. The Logitech mouse is specially designed for coders, video editors, and graphic designers to take advantage of using the mouse.

However, you can also opt for using it as it is very comfortable to use. You can also avoid buying it in the UK because it is expensive.

Laptop Stand

Do you spend more hours working on your MacBook? If yes, then you need to buy Twelve South Curve Stand which is one of the best laptop stands available for sale in the UK. While using your MacBook for long hours, you need to use the laptop stand to avoid shoulder and neck strain. But it not only makes you comfortable but also maximizes the performance of your MacBook due to its airflow design.

 The laptop stand is specially designed for MacBook having an elegant design, weight of 1.2 pounds, and height of 5.8 inches. However, you cannot adjust the height of the Twelve South Curve Stand.

MacBook Case

MacBook laptops are highly sensitive and expensive. You should take great care of them. There are various MacBook Cases available in the market.

Also, they come in various sizes for various sizes of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The Cases protect your Mac devices from getting scratched and are open enough to minimize heat level.

While using laptop cases, you can easily access all ports of your MacBook, lights, and buttons. So, laptop cases are the best accessories in the UK to buy for your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Native Union Type-C Belt Cable Pro

Native Union Type-C Belt Cable Pro is the best charging cable for your MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Having a weight of only 7 ounces, and a length of 8 feet provide you with the best experience.

Furthermore, its durability and fast charging capacity make it more appreciated for MacBook users. However, MacBook will provide you with its own charging Cable, but extensive usage may damage it, so then you will need a replacement.

We can claim that there is nothing better than Native Union Type-C Belt charging cable. The MacBook accessory is very vital for you if you use your laptop during long trips.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000

A portable charger can help you to use your MacBook anywhere. Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 is one of the best portable chargers for MacBooks that you can buy in the UK at affordable prices. The portable charger helps you to continue using your laptop and perform all your incomplete tasks while you are running out of charge. It has two ports; one for USB-C, and one for micro USB. The Anker PowerCore Slim's size and durability make it more valuable and convenient to use.


You can choose from these top 5 MacBook accessories to enhance the performance of your MacBook and improve productivity. However, you also need to protect your MacBook from scratches and other mishappenings. You can easily buy these MacBook accessories in the UK at very reasonable prices.